“If you enjoy immaculate singing, well-planned programming and passionate performance, then this is a group for you. In a word…masterful…”

– SF Classical Voice


…of your experience with the professional singers of Volti and conductor Robert Geary.

Bold, daring, stimulating music from the shimmering edges of creative thought. Lushly gorgeous performances that traverse the range of human emotion. Join Volti for an exciting journey of discovery, a joyous exploration of what’s still out there…

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Bob’s Blog: Preview of March 2017 Concert

Bob’s Blog: Preview of March 2017 Concert

Last November we began our On the Way to 40 Campaign, referring to our goals of commissioning and touring as we approach our 40th season in 2019/20. With our upcoming concerts (March 3 in Berkeley, March 4 in San Francisco), we begin a different and monumental journey...

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Interview with Amy Beth Kirsten

Interview with Amy Beth Kirsten

Volti recently "sat down" with Amy Beth Kirsten to discuss her music and upcoming visit for "The Next Page" concerts on November 7 & 8: V: Hello Amy. What do you hope are the most important elements of It is possible these things do not exist: for an audience?...

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“Intellectually rich, emotionally sustaining, and musically diverse, this is music that you want to listen to again and again.”

— Cy Ashley Webb, StarkInsider review

Volti San Francisco CD Recordings

On This Is What Happened, released January 20, 2017 on the innova label, we invited five of our favorite composers to write something for us, and — this is what happened. All music on this CD was commissioned and premiered by Volti.

“…buoyant and often inventive creations … beautifully and sincerely sung.”

— Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle, February 8, 2017
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“Within the choral music world this recording might be considered crazy, heady stuff, but to these ears it is first and foremost inspiring, magnificently performed music. Virtuosic? Absolutely.  If this recording doesn’t make every composer who listens to it crave to write choral music, and in particular for Volti, I don’t know what will.”
— Alexandra Gardner, New Music Box, June 19, 2012
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