News about our upcoming 36th Season will be posted soon — concerts coming up in November.  See you then!

Push the boundaries of your experience with the professional singers of Volti and conductor Robert Geary. Bold, daring, stimulating music from the shimmering edges of creative thought. Lushly gorgeous performances that traverse the range of human emotion. Join Volti for an exciting journey of discovery, a joyous exploration of what’s still out there…

Click here for a reminder of the wonderful new music Volti sang in our 2013/14 season.

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“Intellectually rich, emotionally sustaining, and musically diverse, this is music that you want to listen to again and again.”
– Cy Ashley Webb, StarkInsider review of December 2012 Volti concert

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“Within the choral music world this recording might be considered crazy, heady stuff, but to these ears it is first and foremost inspiring, magnificently performed music. Virtuosic? Absolutely.  If this recording doesn’t make every composer who listens to it crave to write choral music, and in particular for Volti, I don’t know what will.”
– Alexandra Gardner, New Music Box, June 19, 2012
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“The performances here are buoyant and transparent enough to let the texts and contrapuntal workings of the music shine through, yet they boast a weighty charge that speaks of serious attention to the task at hand.” – Joshua Kosman,
San Francisco Chronicle
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