SEASON 36 – 2014-15

July, 2015 (Golden Gate International Choral Festival)
Mark Winges Pandora’s Gift (with the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir; Volti Commission, Made possible by a grant from the Gerbode-Hewlett Foundations Music Commissioning Awards Initiative)

May, 2015
LJ White Digression on No. 1, 1948 (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Ryan Brown Bone (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Mark Winges Pandora’s Gift (with the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir; Volti Commission, World Premiere, Made possible by a grant from the Gerbode-Hewlett Foundations Music Commissioning Awards Initiative)

March, 2015
Kurt Rohde Death With Interruptions (a chamber opera adapted by Thomas Laqueur from the novel by José Saramago, presented in collaboration with the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble; World Premiere)

January, 2015 (New Music Gathering)
Huck Hodge in lumine
Aaron Jay Kernis Effortlessly, Love Flows from “Ecstatic Meditations”
Mark Winges Dawn from “Pandora’s Gift” (Volti Commission)
Gabriela Lena Frank ¡Chicanofóbia! from “Jalapeño Blues”

November, 2014
Stacy Garrop Sonnets of Desire, Longing, and Whimsy (Volti Commission)
Carl Schimmel Want Me (World Premiere)
Carl Schimmel Allergy (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Gabriela Lena Frank A Poem About Brandon Dever and ¡Chicanofóbia! from “Jalapeño Blues”
Huck Hodge in lumine
Mark Winges Dawn from “Pandora’s Gift” (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Aaron Jay Kernis Effortlessly, Love Flows and I Cannot Dance, O Lord from “Ecstatic Meditations”

SEASON 35 – 2013-14

May, 2014
Ted Hearne Sound From the Bench (Volti Co-Commission with The Crossing, World Premiere)
Melissa Dunphy The Oath of Allegiance (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Kirke Mechem We can sing that!
Kirke Mechem Winging Wildly (Co-commissioned by Volti, The Music Group of Philadelphia, and The Lancaster (Ohio) Chorale)

March, 2014
Melissa Dunphy What do you think I fought for at Omaha Beach?
David Smooke *A*R**T ACT (World Premiere)
Shawn Crouch Paradise (World Premiere of the Revised Version)
Ted Hearne Ripple
Forrest Pierce Gratitude Sutra (Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition for the BBC Singers, the Latvian Radio Choir, and Volti)

November, 2013
Mark Winges All Night (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Benjamin Britten Sacred and Profane
Forrest Pierce Monument
Sarah Kirkland Snider Scenes from “Unremembered” (World Premiere of Chamber Chorus version)

SEASON 34 – 2012-13

April, 2013
David Lang battle hymns (West Coast Premiere)
(with The San Francisco Choral Society, The Leah Stein Dance Company, The Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir)

March, 2013
Huang Ruo Without Words
Kirsten Broberg Breathturn
Harold Meltzer Pacific Beach (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Dan Visconti Wear Flowers in Your Hair (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Mark Winges Canticles of Rumi (Volti Commission)

December, 2012
Stacy Garrop Songs of Lowly Life (Volti Commission)
Armando Bayolo Cancionero Amoroso (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Charles Halka Dipukų Rauda (West Coast Premiere)
David Shapiro It is Time
Shawn Crouch The Garden of Paradise

SEASON 33 – 2011-12

May, 2012
Ken Ueno A lettrist, bottle, a fountain of everything I’ve ever intended to say, may it reach you on your desert island, that we might start anew (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Eric Tuan Song-Gatherings (sung by Ancora)
Tom Flaherty Delusional Paths (Volti Commission)
Tamar Diesendruck Other Floods (Volti Commission)
Francisco Cortés-Álvarez Galope (sung by Ancora)
Francisco Cortés-Álvarez The day on which the World didn’t end (Volti Commission, World Premiere)

March, 2012
John Muehleisen . . . is knowing . . . (Volti Commission, World Premiere), made possible by a generous gift from Pamela Langston-Cox and Thomas Cox
Reena Esmail White Key
Huang Ruo Without Words
David Conte The Homecoming
Robin Estrada Paghahandog (Volti Commission)

December, 2011
Stacy Garrop Songs of Lowly Life (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Mark Winges Canticles of Rumi (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Ian Freebairn-Smith Season (World Premiere)
Shawn Crouch The Garden of Paradise

SEASON 32 – 2010-11

May, 2011
Ruby Fulton the ballad of james parry (Volti Commission)
Matthew Barnson Genesis (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Frank Ferko O ignis Spirtus Paracliti
Yu-Hui Chang Being: Two Collins Songs (Volti Commission)
Elliott Gyger voice (and nothing more) (Volti Commission, World Premiere)

March, 2011
Tamar Diesendruck Other Floods (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
David Lang after stephen foster (West Coast Premiere)
Kui Dong Painted Lights (Commissioned by Volti and Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir, World Premiere)
Mark Winges Magic Strings (sung by Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir)
Ted Hearne privilege (Volti Commission)

November 2010
Frank Stemper A Brief Message from Makanda, Illinois
Tom Flaherty Delusional Paths (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
David Lipten Time’s Dream
Kirke Mechem Five Centuries of Spring
Louis Andriessen Flora Tristan

SEASON 31 – 2009-10

Nocturnes: May 2010
Donald Crockett Daglarym / My Mountains (Volti Commission)
Robin Estrada Paghahandog (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Ted Hearne privilege (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Morten Lauridsen O Magnum Mysterium
Morten Lauridsen Nocturnes

Asian and Latin Influences: February 2010
Felipe Pérez Santiago Pronto Desaparaceremos
György Ligeti Két kánon (sung by Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir)
Yu-Hui Chang Being: Two Collins Songs (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Jean Ahn Zêteô (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Orlando Jacinto Garcia el sonido dulce de tu voz
Olli Kortekangas Ikikaiku (Eternal Echo) (sung by Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir)
Mark Winges Luna, Nova Luna (Co-Commissioned by Volti and the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir, World Premiere)

Poetry, Proverbs and Music: November 2009
Mark Winges Where Everything Is Music (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Wayne Peterson Two Poems by Delmore Schwartz
Joshua Fishbein The Poetry of Earth (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Mark Zuckerman Proverbs for Four at Fifty
William Hawley Two Motets
Eric Moe The Crowds Cheered as Gloom Galloped Away (Volti Commission)
Stacy Garrop Sonnets of Beauty and Music (Volti Commission)

SEASON 30 – 2008-09

Ecstatically Impromptu: May 2009
Donald Crockett Daglarym / My Mountains (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Sungji Hong Emendemus in melius 
Kirke Mechem Three Madrigals 
Robert Paterson On the Day the World Ends (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Aaron Jay Kernis Ecstatic Meditations

Dancing in the Wind: February 2009
Frank Ferko Two Hildegard Motets
Mark Winges The Assembling Landscape (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Ruby Fulton The Ballad of James Parry (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Pekka Kostiainen Jaakobin pojat (sung by Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir)
Pekka Kostiainen Revontulet (sung by Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir)
Elliott Gyger Dancing in the Wind (III) (Co-Commissioned by Volti and the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir, World Premiere)
Eric Moe The Crowds Cheered As Gloom Galloped Away (Volti Commission, World Premiere)

SEASON 29 – 2007-08

Past, Present and Future Adventures: May 2008
Steven Stucky Cradle Songs
George Lam Words Become Unlatched (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Eric Moe O the Flesh Is Hot but the Heart is Cold (Volti Commission)
William Hawley Two Motets
Ronald Caltabiano Metaphor
Aaron Jay Kernis Effortlessly (from Ecstatic Meditations)
Aaron Jay Kernis I Cannot Dance (from Ecstatic Meditations)

Adventures in Earth, Wind & Fire: March 2008 – with the Piedmont Choir
Mark Winges Give Us (Piedmont Choir)
Eric Tuan (arranger) He’s Gone Away (Piedmont Choir)
Elliott Gyger Dancing in the Wind (Combined Volti & Piedmont Choir Commission, World Premiere)
Robert Paterson Infinite Ocean (Volti Commission)
Robert Paterson Love and Kisses (Volti Commission)
Elliott Gyger Fire in the Heavens (Piedmont Choir)
Eric Tuan (arranger) Shenandoah (Piedmont Choir)
Kurt Rohde Endless (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Gabriela Lena Frank Ccolllanan Maria (Volti Commission)

Adventures in Life, Love and Longing: November 2007
Howard Hersh Let Evening Come (World Premiere)
Richard Festinger The Locust Tree (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Wayne Peterson Two Poems of Delmore Schwartz (World Premiere)
Stacy Garrop Sonnets of Beauty and Music (Volti Commission, made possible by a generous gift from Chuck and Joan Grant; World Premiere)
Alan Fletcher Two Yeats Choruses (Volti Commission)
Morten Lauridsen Madrigali

SEASON 28 – 2006-07

San Francisco Experience: May 2007 (with the Piedmont Choir)
Mark Winges A Cricket Needs a Queen (World Premiere)
Kui Dong Frogs and Crickets Carry On
Kui Dong Shui Diao Ge Tou / Song

Nexus: VOLTI March 2007
Cindy Cox Only one great thing (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Martha Sullivan Shakespeare Songs
N. Lincoln Hanks Driftwood
Elliot Gyger Qumi ‘ori
Toon Vandevorst Phoenix Songs, Op. 28 (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Elliot Gyger Rezo di san Iñigo de Loyola
Kevin Raftery Ribblesdale
Amy Beth Kirsten In the Black (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Mark Winges Open the Book of What Happened (Volti Commission)

Baltic Traditions Now: November 2006
Pekka Kostianen Harvoin yhtehen hymme
Pekka Kostianen Siitä Päivän Kiini Saapi
Olli Kortekangas Shadows
Arvo Pärt . . . which was the son of . . . 
Veljo Tormis Helletused (Childhood Memory)
Einojuhani Rautavaara Suite de Lorca
Per Nørgård Wie ein Kind

SEASON 27 – 2005-06

Collaboration: May 2006
Andrew Imbrie On the Beach at Night
Mark Winges Open the Book of What Happened (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Benjamin Britten Lachrymae
Andrew Imbrie To a Traveler
Benjamin Britten Cantata Misericordium

Experimentation: February 2006
Jacob Avshalomov Blessings (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Eric Lindsay Sound Explanations (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Irving Fine The Hour-Glass
Eric Moe O the Flesh Is Hot But the Heart Is Colde(Volti Commission; World Premiere)

Commitment: November 2005
Alan Fletcher No More to Hide (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Wayne Peterson an e e cummings tryptich 
Donald Crockett Broken Charms
Stacy Garrop Sonnets of Desire, Longing & Whimsey (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Alvin Singleton Gospel (West Coast Premiere)

SEASON 26 – 2004-05

Copland’s American Landscape: May 2005
Aaron Copland In the Beginning
Aaron Copland Lark
Irving Fine The Hour-Glass
Ronald Caltabiano Metaphor
Virgil Thomson (arr. Daniel Pinkham) Seven Choruses from the Medea of Euripides
Robert Paterson The Essence of Gravity (Volti Commission; World Premiere)

Left Turn @ Albuquerque: March 2005
Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez Subandi (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Gabriela Lena Frank Ccolllanan Maria (Volti Commission)
Miguel Matamoros Son de la Loma
Carlos Chavez Arbolucu, Te Sequeste
Jose Rincon Bullerengue
Beatriz Corona Corazon, Coraza
Alberto Ginastera Lamentations of Jeremiah
Roberto Camaaño Salmo VI
Roberto Sierra Lux Aeterna

New American Directions: November 2004
Alan Fletcher The Fiddler of Dooney (Volti Commission)
Stacy Garrop Sonnets of War & Mankind (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Phillip Schroeder Lux Aeterna (West Coast Premiere)
Lansing McCloskey Burning Chariots (West Coast Premiere)
Jason Bahr Psaume I (West Coast Premiere)
Lincoln Hanks Tota Pulchra (West Coast Premiere)
Felicia Sandler The Waking (West Coast Premiere)
David Heuser Clouds (West Coast Premiere)

SEASON 25 – 2003-04

A Great, Wild, Garden of Voices: April 2004
Mark Winges Image & Motion: A Choral Symphony (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Kirke Mechem Winging Wildly
Alexander Post This is the Garden

Choral Arts Laboratory: February 2004
Peter Knell Tautology (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Paul Chihara Songs of Love and Loss (World Premiere, revised version)
Paul Chihara Magnificat
Bobby McFerrin Psalm 23
Carol Barnett The Last Invocation
Tamar Diesendruck The Mystery (Volti Commission)
John Cage Ear for EAR

Mysteries of the Spirit: December 2003
Jacob Avshalomov When Summer Shines (Volti Commission)
Alan Fletcher Two Yeats Choruses (Volti Commission)
Charles Loeffler Angelus
William Albright Chichester Mass
Morten Lauridsen O Magnum Mysterium
Wayne Peterson Carol
Mark Winges Yoolis Night (Volti Commission)

Our America is Singing: November 2003
Kirke Mechem American Trio (World Premiere)
Mark Winges (arr.) American Shape-Note Tunes (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Alan Fletcher Two Yeats Choruses (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Jacob Avshalomov When Summer Shines (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Charles Loeffler Angelus
William Albright Chichester Mass

Celebrating 10 Years of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts – October 2003
Miya Masaoka While I was walking, I heard a sound… (World Premiere)

SEASON 24 – 2002-03

Bang on Anything: June 2003
Kui Dong Shui diao ge tou (song) (World Premiere)
Mark Winges Songs for Dancing (Volti Commission; World Premiere)
Lojze Lebic Iz Kamna v vodi

Ligeti: Under the Influence: March 2003
Görgy Ligeti Éjszaka
Görgy Ligeti Reggel
Görgy Ligeti Lux Aeterna
Zoltan Kodály Öregek, the Aged/
Arne Mellnäs Sweet Spring
Roberto Sierra Lux Aeterna
Carlo Gesualdo Beltá, poi che t’assenti
Béla Bartók Bánat
György Kurtág Klarisók
György Kurtág Már csak azt a jövő időt kivánom

VOLTI with the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players: February 2003
(guest appearance)
Melissa Hui San Rocco

A California State of Mind: November 2002
Tamar Diesendruck The Mystery (Volti Commission, World Premiere)
Wayne Peterson A Robert Herrick Motley (first complete performance)
Allen Shearer Fables
Trevor Weston The Gentlest Thing