Volti is thrilled to begin our 43rd season with a collaboration with the Del Sol Quartet, the world premiere of Angel Island: Oratorio for Voices and Strings, composed by Huang Ruo. For tickets and more details, click here go to the Del Sol Quartet website. Performances Friday October 22 at the Presidio Theatre and Saturday October 23 on Angel Island.

 The music is beautiful; the subject matter serious. Between 1910 and 1940, as new immigrants flowed through the immigration station on Angel Island inside the San Francisco Bay, Chinese immigrants faced massive discrimination because of America’s earliest racist immigration legislation – the Chinese Exclusion Act. Being held for sometimes up to years in brutal conditions at the detention center, many of these immigrants looked for solace by inscribing poetry onto the walls of the center.

Angel Island: Oratorio for Voices and Strings will bring these poems to life in the very space they were created. Composed by Huang Ruo, the 60-minute oratorio for string quartet and chamber choir will weave a story of immigration and discrimination of then and now. The premiere will include TED-style talks with prominent experts in immigration law, civil rights, and Chinese-American cultural history.

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