Bob Geary’s Creative Process with Pandora’s Gift

When asked about his current thinking at the helm of the great ship Pandora’s Gift, Bob Geary offered these musings:

This is getting interesting. Alchemy? Magic? Spirit? Paradigm shifts? Tectonic shifts?

This is the Bay Area, our performances have to release the stress on the San Andreas fault. How else can we avoid the BIGONE? We don’t just climb outside the box, we explode the damn thing! Our premiere in May and the Outside the Box spotlight concert at the Golden Gate International Choral Festival in July will do just that.

Mix a room full of amazingly creative people, poets, composers, choreographers, lighting designers, costumers, singers and what do you get? Pandora’s Gift

How is the project shaping up? My way of answering this question is to say that in the forty years I have been conducting, I have never seen something like this grow from nothing.

Pandora’s Gift is organic. It’s elemental. It’s magical. It’s a powerful force for contemporary music and choral singing—the new future.

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